Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Basement Finishing Tips Alpharetta Ga

That new basement rec room, bedroom, office you've dreamed of is about to take shape. If you're like me, once you decide to tackle a project, you can't wait to get going. But before you choose a basement remodeling contractor, to clear out the old stuff or begin the project, you need to spend some time looking closely at the basement as it is now.

It makes no sense to spend time, effort, and money installing new rooms, or bathrooms in an unsound structure. Do your walls lean? Is the floor cracked? Are your electrical service and furnace capable of handling new demands? And most of all does your basement leak? Are there mold or mildew problems?

Identifying and fixing, or mitigating these basic problems is essential to successful remodel. J. London Construction specializes in all things basement, and home improvement. Whether you need to waterproof your basement, or take care of other detective work to insure a successful remodel, we are Alpharetta's first choice. Follow us on upcoming articles that we uncover basement remodeling ideas, tips, instructions, and most importantly successful projects. The information will help you determine the scope and the cost of your project- its limits, and its potential.

Keep up with Atlanta Basement Remodeling Experts at the Alpharetta Location.


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